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  • What to expect in the first session?
    The first session is typically an intake session where the psychotherapist will gather information about your past and current experiences to develop a holistic understanding of how they can support you. This allows for the therapist and the client to build rapport with each other, to learn more about the client and to allow the client to discuss reasons for starting their therapeutic journey.
  • What to expect in therapy?
    Relaxed and safe environment, collaborative approach to creating goals and fostering a healthy therapeutic relationship. During sessions you can expect our therapists to encourage you to discuss current stressors/topics of concerns. We will work together to navigate challenging conversations and to support you through coping with certain feelings and emotions. It is also extremely common to feel nervous or anxious about attending therapy, resistance to therapy is normal as it can be overwhelming at times. When sharing your story or your experiences it can be more impactful than originally expected because of this many emotions rise to the surface during therapy sessions- this is okay! With the right therapist, you can feel safe to express, explore and emote free of judgment.
  • What is a psychotherapist?
    Psychotherapist is a mental health professional that is registered with a professional college. Psychotherapists are trained and educated on talk therapy; where they focus on addressing mental health concerns, life stressors and many other challenges.
  • Difference between a Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist
    Psychotherapist: Provide talk therapy, utilizes evidence-based techniques to support clients, cannot prescribe medication or diagnoses a mental illness. Can be covered by some insurance companies. Psychologist: Provides therapy, completes psychological evaluations and assessments, able to diagnose mental disorders/illnesses. Can be covered by some insurance companies. Psychiatrist: Provides therapy, able to diagnose and prescribe medication, typically requiring a referral from General Practitioners. Covered by OHIP.
  • Cost/Length?
    Individual sessions: 50 minutes in length, $150.00 Couples: 50 minutes in length, $190.00
  • Do we offer emergency sessions?
    Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate emergency sessions or same day sessions. Due to the nature of psychotherapy, clients book sessions in advance leaving limited availability for same day sessions. If you are experiencing a mental health emergency, please contact your nearest hospital or emergency services to acquire the support you need.
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